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Unknown Vintage Champagne Tapered Hollow Stem Filigree Etch

Vintage Champagne Glasses

Whenever I can identify the manufacturer of a piece of glass, I list it under that manufacturer's name (such as Tiffin's Special Thistle champagne glasses). The vintage champagne glasses I feature under this category are either of unknown origin or I have not been able to confirm/verify the manufacturer. Many of these champagne glasses have very similar shapes with subtle variations which I have tried to describe. Many of those pictured here were made in the late 1800's up to the 1920s so it is very difficult to track them down. I appreciate any help I can get in positively identifying the makers.

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton is an English china company which began as "Doulton and Company" (founded in 1853). The company has been acquired by Fiskar which also owns Wedgwood and Royal Albert. I carry pieces from thirty-one of their patterns.

Royal Doulton The Kirkwood Bread & Butter Plate

Royal Worcester

The Royal Worcester Royal Porcelain Company of England was founded in 1754. The company was noted for its fine porcelain and bone china. I carry a faily extensive assortment of their egg coddlers and a few pieces from the Evesham, Strawberry Fair, Belvoir, Lavinia and Woodbury patterns. Royal Worcester closed June 16, 2009, a big disappointment for egg coddler enthusiasts. Portmeirion Group acquired the brand name and intellectual property and still produces pieces under that brand.

Royal Worcester Egg Coddlers Louise Single Egg Coddler

Unknown Barware

Pieces listed here could have been made by several manufacturers. When I'm not sure which, I err on the side of caution and list them as unknown.

Unknown Barware Moon and Stars Green Decanter

Unknown Vintage Champagne

I am still struggling to positively identify the manufacturers of these glasses.

Unknown Vintage Champagne Tapered Hollow Stem Bamboo Etch

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