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Fenton Glass Thumbprint Amber Ruffled Bowl

Fenton Glass - Glassware

The Fenton Glass Company was founded in Ohio in 1905 by Frank L. Fenton. In 1907 the company moved to Williamstown, West Virginia and has been producing quality glass products there ever since. Fenton also produced pieces for Rubel, L. G. Wright Company, Weil Ceramics and others. The company has been struggling to survive these last few years. In 2011 they stopped producing traditional glassware and now concentrate on jewelry items.


Fenton made a variety of "crested" glassware. Each had a unique name; i.e., Emerald Crest, Flame Crest, Silver Crest, etc., depending on the color of the glassware.

Fenton Glass Crest Crystal Crest Handled Relish

Glass Slipper

The Fenton Glass Company not only made these slippers under their own name but often produced them for other companies such as the L. G. Wright Glass Company.

Fenton Glass Glass Slipper Amberina Slipper


Fenton's Hobnail pattern has more pointed knobs than many of the other manufacturers.

Fenton Glass Hobnail Olive Green Compote

Milk Glass

Over the years Fenton produced many pieces in Milk Glass. The most popular pieces are the hobnail.

Fenton Glass Milk Glass Hobnail Sllipper Candy Box with Lid


Fenton produced various items in satin glass in several colors.

Fenton Glass Satin Green Satin Crimped Round Bowl


The Fenton Thumbprint pattern no doubt got its name from the small thumb-like impressions in the glass. This pattern has numerous shapes and colors.

Fenton Glass Thumbprint Amber Ruffled Bowl

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