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Anchor Hocking Sandwich Desert Gold Bowl

Anchor Hocking - Glassware

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Anchor Hocking Company was born of a merger of the Hocking Glass Company and Anchor Cap & Closure Corporation in 1937. The company is still in production today as a divison of Global Home Products with its headquarters located in Lancaster, Ohio. You will find items from their Fire King line listed separately. Various items are listed under dinnerware, barware, housewares, kitchenware and glassware.


Anchor Hocking pattern 4512 consisted of several crystal and Royal Ruby accent pieces, including a cigarette box, puff box, candy box and marmalade jar.

Anchor Hocking 4512 Marmalade Jar

Apothecary/Candy Jars

I believe these apothecary jars manufactured by Anchor Hocking ere originally used to hold candles. However, creative individuals have used them to hold candy, potpourri and a myriad of other wares.

Ball Jugs

Anchor Hocking produced ball jugs in two sizes and two shapes.

Anchor Hocking Ball Jugs Orange Ball Tilt Jug


The only items I offer in the Anchor Hocking Baltic pattern are the Royal Ruby tumblers.

Anchor Hocking Baltic Royal Ruby Tumbler

Berwick (Boopie)

The Berwick pattern, commonly referred to as "Boopie" was manufactured from the 1950s to the 1970s. It came in Forest Green, Royal Ruby, Amber and Crystal.

Anchor Hocking Berwick (Boopie) Crystal Cocktail

Block Optic

Block Optic was actually produced by Hocking Glass Company (before the merge with Anchor) from 1929 to 1933. It can be found in green, yellow, pink and crystal. Some pieces have clear centers and others have rays.

Anchor Hocking Block Optic Green Dinner Plate

Bubble (Early American)

The official name for this pattern is Anchor Hocking Early American but it is commonly known as "Bubble". Pieces came in Royal Ruby, Forest Green and Crystal.

Anchor Hocking Bubble (Early American)  Forest Green Juice Glass

Bubble (Provincial)

Anchor Hocking Provincial was also known as "Bubble" (not to be confused with the Early American Bubble??!!)

Anchor Hocking Bubble (Provincial) Cream and Sugar Set


The Anchor Hocking Burple pattern is a series of bubbles rising from small to larger. Other than glasses, the only items made in this pattern are a 4 1/2" and and 8" bowl. The bowls came in Chrystal, Royal Ruby and Forrest Green.

Coolidge Vase

The Anchor Hocking Coolidge Vase was often marketed by other companies such as the Interstate Chemical Company and contained an insect repellent candle. As far as I can determine, the pattern came in Royal Red and Forest Green.

Anchor Hocking Coolidge Vase Royal Ruby Vase


Anchor Hocking produced numerous pieces in clear glass (called crystal). Some pieces had pattern names such as Manhattan, Old Cafe, Burple, etc. and were produced in Royal Ruby, Forest Green as well as Crystal. Others Crystal patterns remained nameless.

Anchor Hocking Crystal Cigarette Box

Early American Prescut

Anchor Hocking's Early American Prescut pattern (featuring star-like shapes) came in several colors. Most common and popular is the crystal.

Anchor Hocking Early American Prescut Relish Dish

Fairfield R-1200

Anchor Hocking produced the Fairfield pattern in a wide variety of colors in the 1970s. Royal Ruby was produced in 1978.

Anchor Hocking Fairfield R-1200 Royal Ruby Compote

Fiesta Band

Anchor Hocking made a variety of striped glassware (tumblers and pitchers). There were different colors to the bands; some with red, white, green, yellow and orange bands, some red, white and blue; and some red, green, yellow, white and black.

Anchor Hocking Fiesta Band Tumbler

Gay Ninties

Anchor Hocking Gay Ninties pattern features a "Gas Buggy". It was produced in Ruby and Forest Green in both Roly Poly and Straight Shell form.

Anchor Hocking Gay Ninties Gas Buggy Tumbler


Anchor Hocking produced the Gazelle glasses in 1956. They came in Forest Green and Royal Ruby.

Anchor Hocking Gazelle Long Boy Ice Tea


Anchor Hocking produced the Georgian pattern in a wide variety of colors.

Anchor Hocking Georgian Royal Ruby Tumbler


The Harding vase is 6 3/8" tall. It has a round bottom with three ridges across of the middle. It comes in Ruby Red and Forest Green.

Anchor Hocking Harding  lForest Green Vase


It seems most glass manufacturers have their own version of the hobnail pattern. Anchor Hocking's hobnail is a small rounded half circle. Pieces were made in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Anchor Hocking Hobnail Relish Dish

Hoover Vase

I believe Anchor Hocking produced the Hoover vases in the 1940s. I have seen it in milk glass, Forest Green, Royal Ruby and Royal Ruby etched.

Anchor Hocking Hoover Vase Royal Ruby Vase

Juice sets

Like Bartlett-Collins, Libbey, Hazel Atlas and others, Anchor Hocking made numerous juice and drinking glass sets. These were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Some came with pitchers and others with chillers.

Anchor Hocking Juice sets Red Flower Juice Set

Lace Edge

Anchor Hocking's Lace Edge pattern came in a variety of colors including pink, green, crystal and milk glass.

Anchor Hocking Lace Edge Bowl


The Anchor Hocking Laurel pattern was named for the etched design on the pieces. This pattern can be found on various glassware such as "Boopie" and "Roly Poly".

Anchor Hocking Laurel Sherbet


The Manhattan pattern by Anchor Hocking, like so many of its patterns, goes by another name as well, "horizontal ribbed." It was produced in pink, crystal and Royal Ruby.

Anchor Hocking Manhattan Sherbet

Maple Leaf

The Anchor Hocking Maple Leaf candy dish was also made in four colors, Royal Ruby, Jadeite, Forest Green and Crystal.

Anchor Hocking Maple Leaf Royal Ruby Candy Dish


Anchor Hocking made the milano glassware pattern is several colors.

Anchor Hocking Milano Juice

Milk White

Anchor Hocking's name for their Milk Glass line was Milk White. The design is a grape/leaf design very similar to the Indiana/Colony Glass Harvest pattern.

Anchor Hocking Milk White Punch Cup

Miscellaneous Glassware

Anchor Hocking made all kinds of glasses in Royal Ruby and Forest Green. Some were decorated seasonally (Christmas) others had birds, flowers, plants, boats, etc.

Anchor Hocking Gay Ninties Gas Buggy Tumbler

Miss America

The Anchor Hocking Miss America pattern was produced from 1935 to 1938. It came in crystal, blue, pink and green.

Anchor Hocking Miss America Dinner Plate


Anchor Hocking Monarch as far as I know only came in Royal Ruby.

Anchor Hocking Monarch Water Goblet

Newport (Coupe)

I don't know when Anchor Hocking produced Newport (it is often called "coupe"). While I have only come across the pattern in Royal Ruby, I have been told it also came in at least one other color, a pale blue. The person with that set had bought it in 1990 and there were three sizes: "rocks", "beverage" and "iced tea". Another person states the pattern also came in a "clear, uncolored" glass and in addition to the three sizes previously mentioned, states there was also a fourth size - a juice glass.

Anchor Hocking Newport (Coupe) Royal Ruby Juice Glass

Old Cafe

The Old Cafe pattern by Anchor Hocking was a scalloped glass design. Pieces are common in Royal Ruby and crystal.

Anchor Hocking Old Cafe Candy Dish


Anchor Hocking Pagoda is a turquoise blue (laser blue) colored glass with a vertical textured pattern.

Anchor Hocking Pagoda Blue Old Fashion

Park Avenue

Anchor Hocking's Park Avenue pattern looks very much like the Manhattan pattern. It consists of a series of concentric ridges. It differs from Manhattan in that it does not have the ball handles or feet.

Anchor Hocking Park Avenue Platter


The R-1700 pattern by Anchor Hocking is a very plain dinnerware design.

Anchor Hocking R-1700 Royal Ruby Cup and Saucer Set


R-4000 was the number Anchor Hocking gave to a 22 piece Royal Ruby luncheon set.

Anchor Hocking R-4000 Creamer


The Anchor Hocking R1074 pattern consisted of a large serving bowl (8") and dessert bowl (4 1/2").

Anchor Hocking R1074 Royal Ruby Dessert Bowl


Anchor Hocking R1755 is one of those miscellaneous patterns that Anchor Hocking produced. I don't know much about it.

Anchor Hocking R1755 Royal Ruby Sherbet


Anchor Hocking began producing raibow tableware in the late 1930s. Production continued into the early 1950s. True to its name, the tableware came in a variety of colors, both "Pastel" and " Primary".

Anchor Hocking Rainbow Pink Pastel Deco Vase


Anchor Hocking Rainflower was a pressed glass patter that featured large pressed flowers around the side and came in a variety of colors.

Anchor Hocking Rainflower Ruby Vase

Refrigerator Dishes

Just like Hazel Atlas, Pyrex, Jeannette and others, Anchor Hocking produced a line of refrigerator dishes. These closely resemble those of the Federal Glass Company. They are clear glass with a fruit pattern on the lids and ribbing on the sides.

Anchor Hocking Refrigerator Dishes Medium Refrigerator Dish


Roly-Poly by Anchor Hocking was the name of a refreshment (beverage) set, consisting of a pitcher and various sized glasses.


Anchor Hocking made the Sandwich glass pattern in crystal, Forrest Green, amber and Royal Ruby. However, only Royal Ruby pieces were four different bowls. The other colors had numerous pieces produced, including egg dishes, glasses and plates. Anchor Hocking sandwich glass was produced from 1939 to 1964.

Anchor Hocking Sandwich Forest Green Tumbler


The Anchor Hocking Soreno pattern is a bumpy, ridged glass that came in a variety of colors. It is most commonly found in a chip n' dip set, glassware or ashtrays.

Anchor Hocking Soreno Honey Gold Ashtray

Stars and Bars

The Anchor Hocking Stars and Bars design is a pressed glass pattern of stars and ribs. It was produced from 1924 to 1965.

Anchor Hocking Stars and Bars Cream and Sugar Set

Stars and Stripes

Anchor Hocking produced the Stars and Stripes pattern in 1942 (Do you think it had anything to do with WWII?)

Anchor Hocking Stars and Stripes Luncheon Plate

Swedish Modern

Anchor Hocking Swedish Modern can be found in crystal (the most common color), Royal Ruby and Forest Green.

Anchor Hocking Swedish Modern Forest Green Bowl


It is easy to see where Anchor Hocking triangle got its name. There is an indentation on the snack plates to accommodate a cup. The actual pattern on the glass is daisy and button.

Anchor Hocking Triangle Amber Snack Plate

Unknown Anchor Hocking

I have not had any luck in identifying either the manufacturer or name of this pattern. However, every one I have come across has been attributed to Anchor Hocking so I am listing them here until I find out otherwise. It features a scalloped rim and a series of bubbles desending from large to small, much like Burple. I have only seen it in crystal and Forest Green.

Anchor Hocking Unknown Anchor Hocking Three-Toed Forest Green Bowl

Waterford Waffle

Its easy to see where Anchor Hocking's (Actually, started as Hocking Glass) Waterford's Waffle glass got it name. The pattern in the glass clearly resembles that of a waffle. This pattern is found in crystal, forest green and pink.

Anchor Hocking Waterford Waffle Sherbet


Anchor Hocking produced the Wexford pattern from 1967 to 1998. It came in a variety of colors. The most common was crystal.

Anchor Hocking Wexford Butter Dish with Lid

Wilson Ivy Ball

The Anchor Hocking Wilson Royal Ruby Ivy Ball came in two styles, one with a scalloped edge and one with a plain edge. There were also two sizes, 6" and 4".


Anchor Hocking produced Windsor in the 1940s. It came in several colors including Royal Ruby, crystal and green.

Anchor Hocking Windsor Royal Ruby Tumbler

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