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Wade Souvenier Mugs Picadilly Circus Mug

Wade - Miscellaneous

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Wade is an Irish pottery company perhaps best known in the United States for producing the small figurines given away in Rose Tea boxes. They do produce other ceramics such as liquour bottles, electrical items and other souvenier pieces.

Candle Holders

While Wade might be most famous for its miniature figurines featured in Rose Tea, the company also produced a variety of candle holders.

Wade Candle Holders Miniature Flower Candle Holder

Souvenier Mugs

Besides making the figures for Rose Tea, Wade produces a wide variety of pottery items, including sourvenier mugs.

Wade Souvenier Mugs Picadilly Circus Mug


Wade provided their Whimsies as premiums in Rose Tea boxes. They soon became a popular collectible. There were different series such as fairtale characters, circus figures, dinosaurs, etc.

Wade Whimsies Blue Circus Elephant

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