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Bauer  Bowl Green  Ringware

Bauer - Kitchenware

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Bauer is another well-recognized name in California pottery. First known as Bauer Pottery and then as J.A. Bauer Pottery Company, Inc., the firm was located in Los Angeles, CA from 1909 until it closed in 1962. Perhaps the most popular Bauerware are the bowls. I carry a few of them. I also carry a few items by J. Herb Brusche, who worked at Bauer and designed some of their items. Find pieces from his company listed separately under his last name.


Bauer bowls are generally a heavy pottery or crockery. They are solid colored and many have ridges such as the one pictured here. They are highly collectible and very sought after.

Monterey Moderne

Bauer's Monterey Moderne consists of a solid and speckled colored pottery in a rounded coupe shape. There were a wide variety of colors.

Bauer  Monterey Moderne Casserole with Lid

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