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Metlox Homestead Provincial Bread and Butter Plate

Metlox - Kitchenware

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The Metlox Pottery Company began in 1927 in Manhattan Beach, California and grew to become one of California's premier pottery companies. There were two divisions within Metlox, the Poppytrail Division and the Vernonware Division (due to Metlox's purchase of Vernon Kilns in 1942). I carry over 70 patterns/color variations of Metlox. The Vernonware Division is listed separately (another sixty-five patterns). Metlox closed in 1989.

California Strawberry

Metlox' California Strawberry is one of eight patterns done in what is known as the "Traditional Shape". The pattern dates back to 1961 and has a white background, green border red strawberries, white blossoms and green leaves.

Metlox California Strawberry Salad Plate

Cookie Jar

Metlox not only produced some fine dinnerware but also other items for the household, including cookie jars.

Metlox Cookie Jar Bear Cookie Jar

Four Seasons

Four Seasons was the name given to an artware canister set produced by Metlox in the Tempo Shape.

Metlox Four Seasons Winter Canister


Metlox produced several different Gourmet canister sets. The "Gourmet" set (as opposed to the Gourmet II set) features wine, fruits and cheeses. There were four sizes, 3 qt., 2 1/2 qt., 1 1/2 qt. and 1 qt (11", 10", 9", and 7" respectively.)

Metlox Gourmet Extra Large Canister

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