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Marcrest Terrace Dinner Plate

Marcrest - Dinnerware

Marcrest is the name given to dinnerware that was manufactured for the Marshall Burns Company in Chicago, Illinois. Many different companies produced the dinnerware, among those is Western Stoneware Company. I believe that Stetson may have also produced for Marcrest since Stetson has the same pattern as the Marcrest Pink N' Charcoal.

Pink n' Charcoal

This Marcrest pattern reminds us of some of the Blue Ridge plaid patterns (Rocky Face comes to mind). The pattern pink and charcoal grey paint stripes on a off-white background.

Marcrest Pink n' Charcoal Dinner Plate


The Terrace pattern by Marcrest has a beige background with brown and blue geometric squares.

Marcrest Terrace Saucer

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