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Royal Albert Lavender Rose Sugar Bowl & Lid

Royal Albert - Dinnerware

England is known for its fine bone china and one of its best producers is Royal Albert. The company was founded about 1894 and is still producing fine china today as part of Fiskar.

Blossom Time

Royal Albert Blossom Time has a white background with a beautiful pink tree in full bloom with green leaves. It was produced from 1948 up until 1997.

Royal Albert Blossom Time Dessert Plate


Royal Albert Clarence is a white porcelain pattern with gold and black filigree trim.

Royal Albert Clarence Oval Vegetable Dish

Ivy Lea

Royal Albert Ivy Lea is a fine bone china with a delicate ivy pattern.

Royal Albert Ivy Lea Cup and Saucer Set

Lavender Rose

Royal Albert's Lavender Rose pattern is graced with delicate pink roses with gold highlights.

Royal Albert Lavender Rose Sugar Bowl & Lid

Maple Leaf

Royal Albert Maple Leaf has a white background with gold trim. The design consists of autumn-colored maple leaves.

Royal Albert Maple Leaf Bowl/Custard Cup

Old Country Roses

Royal Albert produced several patterns/variations with the name Old Country Roses. Older versions were produced in England but later versions are being made in China.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Flat Ribbed Mug

Queen's Messenger

Royal Albert Quenn's Messenger has a white background with gold trim and a pattern of pink and gray roses.

Royal Albert Queen's Messenger Salad Plate

White Dogwood

Royal Albert White Dogwood fine china has a white background with sprays of white dogwood blossoms, trimmed in gold.

Royal Albert White Dogwood Cup and Saucer Set

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