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Flintridge China Marlo Cup and Saucer Set

Flintridge China - Dinnerware

The Flintridge China Company began in Pasadena, California in 1946. It was acquired by Gorham in 1970. Gorham continued many of the Flintridge patterns for a time so you will find pieces with one or the other backstamps. I have pieces from over thirteen of their patterns.

Belmark II

Flintridge Belmark II was produced from 1959 to 1971.

Flintridge China Belmark II Compote


The Flintridge Belnor pattern is so delicate looking. It has a cream background with platinum trim and is graced with beautiful blue bell-shaped flowers. So lovely!

Flintridge China Belnor Dinner Plate

Bon Lite

Flintridge Bon Lite is a simple white background with a dual platinum rim (on most pieces). It came in a coupe shape as well as a rimmed shape. Right now I just have the coupe.

Flintridge China Bon Lite Dinner Plate


Flintridge made the Contessa pattern in several colors. Some have the platinum trim and others, gold.

Flintridge China Contessa Peacock Blue Cup


Flintridge Continental has a cream colored background with a pattern of white and grey leaves around the rim.

Flintridge China Continental  White Dinner Plate


Flintridge Florentine is an elegant pattern with a cream background and a delicate gold patterned trim.

Flintridge China Florentine Gold Saucer


This Flintridge Fushia pattern has the gold trim. The background is cream and is graced with small flowers (fushias).

Flintridge China Fushia Fruit Bowl


Flintridge made several patterns named "Madeira". This one has a platinum rim and a wide blue band with platinum flowers and leaves.

Flintridge China Madeira Mystic Blue Dinner Plate


The Flintridge Marlo pattern has a cream colored background with a wide gold trim.

Flintridge China Marlo Cup and Saucer Set


Flintridge produced Marquis from 1964 to 1972. The pattern has a cream background with gold and copper bands.

Flintridge China Marquis Bread and Butter Plates

Midnight Rose

Flintridge Midnight Rose features a black rose (or roses on larger pieces) with a platinum rim. It was produced from 1964 to 1972.

Flintridge China Midnight Rose Bread and Butter Plate

Rose Tapestry

Flintridge Rose Tapestry has a silver border of roses. The background is cream.

Flintridge China Rose Tapestry Cup

San Marino

Flintridge produced several variation of the San Marino pattern. It lhas a cream background with either gold or platinum trim. The decoration is pink flower buds with green leaves.

Flintridge China San Marino Cream Soup Bowl


Flintridge Starflower boasts star-shaped pink and black flowers with pink leaves and stem. It has a platinum rim.

Flintridge China Starflower Dinner Plate


Flintridge Sylvan came in several colors.

Flintridge China Sylvan Yellow Cup and Saucer Set


Flintridge Twilight came with a gold or silver trim. It has a bold grey rim on a cream background. The center features a tree with pink and grey philodendron-like leaves.

Flintridge China Twilight Soup Bowl

Unknown Flintridge

I have a few saucers of Flintridge but without any accompanying pieces, I cannot clearly identify which pattern they belong to so they are listed (for now) as unknown.


If you've ever been to a Hawaiian florist's shop, you know what a wood rose looks like. This Flintridge pattern is lovely. Wood roses with green leaves circle the rim. The pieces have gold trim.

Flintridge China Woodrose Dinner Plate


Flintridge Woodsong came in several colors, tan, green, Peacock (dark blue) and grey (a lighter blue). Some had gold trim; other, platinum. The pattern was produced from 1964 to 1971.

Flintridge China Woodsong Cocoa Cup and Saucer Set

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