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Orchard Ware/Hollywood Ware Dogwood Orchard Grey Dogwood Dinner Plate

Orchard Ware/Hollywood Ware - Dinnerware

Orchard Ware and Hollywood Ware are lines of pottery produced by the California Ceramics Co., Calabasas, Calif. Some patterns look very much like the hand-painted dinnerware produced by Franciscan. The surface of the ware is raised and there is that same polished-glaze look to it.


Orchardware Americana is a square dinnerware pattern with a cream center blending into a cocoa brown at the rim.

Orchard Ware/Hollywood Ware Americana Salad Plate


Orchardware's Cherry is a hand-painted embossed pattern. The background is grey with a spray of cherry branches.

Harmony House/Sears Cherry Dinner Plate


The Orchard Ware Dogwood pattern features white dogwood blossoms with brown stems and green leaves on a grey background. There is also a version with pink blossoms.

Orchard Ware/Hollywood Ware Dogwood Orchard Grey Dogwood Dinner Plate

Orange Blossom

California Ceramics made the Orange Blossom pattern in Orchard Ware as well as Hollywood Ware. The background is a pinkish beige with a dark brown branch, green leaves, an orange and white blossoms.

Orchard Ware/Hollywood Ware Orange Blossom Cup and Saucer Set

Orchardware Unknown

This Orchard Ware pattern has an off-white background with dark brown trim. The prevelant design is barnyard chickens.

Orchard Ware/Hollywood Ware Orchardware Unknown Dinner Plate

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