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Brusche Al Fresco White Salad Plate

Brusche - Dinnerware

The name Brusche is nearly synonymous with Bauer pottery. J. Herb Brusche worked at Bauer Potteries around the same time he had his own pottery company. He also had his own line of pottery at Bauer.

Al Fresco

Brusche's Al Fresco patterns come in a variety of colors and each has small flecks throughout.

Brusche Al Fresco White Salad Plate


The Brusche Contempo pattern came in several different colors. All have a matte finish and the colors are somewhat muted.

Brusche Contempo Serving Platter

Unknown Brusche

When I can't tell if a piece is Al Fresco or Contempo or some other pattern, I list them here.

Brusche Unknown Brusche Covered Dish

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