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Copeland Rose Briar Serving Platter

Copeland - Dinnerware

Chasing down the history of dinnerware companies can be as difficult as tracing one's own ancestry. What started out as Spode Pottery in the 1770s became Copeland and Garrett in 1833 when William Taylor Copeland renamed it. In 1847it was again renamed as W. T. Copeland. Later, in 1867 it became W. T. Copeland and Sons. In 1970 the name reverted back to Spode. In 1976 it became Royal Worcester Spode Ltd. When Portmeirion bought the company in 2009, they retained the Royal Worcester Spode name.

Rose Briar

Copeland produced Rose Briar from 1932 to 1971. Done on teh Chelsea Wicker Shape, it has a textured and scalloped rim and an inner rose border.

Copeland Rose Briar Serving Platter

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