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Pfaltzgraff  Yorktowne Tea Pot

Pfaltzgraff - Dinnerware

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The Pfaltzgraff Pottery Company is located in York Pennsyvania. It has been in operation since 1811. The company was acquired by Lifetime Brands in July of 2005. I have pieces from their Village and Yorktown patterns.


Pfaltzgraff introduced their Grapevine pattern in 1990. It features a cream background with purple grapes, pink flowers and green leaves.

Pfaltzgraff  Grapevine Salad Plate

Morning Light

Pfaltzgraff produced Morning Light from 1993 to 1998.

Pfaltzgraff  Morning Light Creamer


Pfaltzgraff began production of this Naturewood pattern in 1997.

Pfaltzgraff  Naturewood Buffet Plate

Naturewood Serenity Green

Here is what the Pfaltzgraff website has to say about this pattern: "Just as in nature, every piece of Naturewood Sereneity is unique. The use of a spatter-tone glaze, reminiscent of early morning dew, creates a Collection in which no two pieces are exactly alike, giving each piece a rich, handcrafted quality."

Stonewash Green

Here is what Pfaltzgraff has to say about this pattern: "Introduced in 1998. Just as a soft denim jacket reminds you of comfort, so do these gorgeous stonewashed colors..."

Pfaltzgraff  Stonewash Green Mug


Pfaltzgraff's Village pattern came in dozens of shapes and sizes. The background is tan and the trim and floral-like pattern are brown. Be sure to measure an item to be sure you will be getting the right size. For example, the dinner plate came in a 10" and a 10 3/8 " size.


Pfaltzgraff began producing Winterwood in 1999. The background is cream with a soft green embossed border. The design varies slightly from piece to piece but generally has evergreens and birds.

Pfaltzgraff  Winterwood Luncheon/Buffet Plate


The Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne pattern is a blue floral design at center on a light, blue/grayish background. The pieces themselves follow the Village shape.

Pfaltzgraff  Yorktowne Tea Pot

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