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Edwin M. Knowles Yorktown Dinner Plate

Edwin M. Knowles - Dinnerware

The Edwin M. Knowles China Company was located in West Virginia. The company began in 1900 and ceased production in 1963. Hundreds of patterns were produced during that period. We only carry a few Yorktown pieces.

Ebonette #K1007

Knowles Ebonette pattern has a white background with black lines running through it. The shape is more squared than round.

Edwin M. Knowles Ebonette #K1007 Dinner Plate

Golden Wheat

Edwin M. Knowles made several versions of the Golden Wheat Pattern. This one has a cream background, gold trim on an embossed ribbed edge. It was produced in 1941.

Edwin M. Knowles Golden Wheat Dinner Plate


Edwin M. Knowles Hostess pattern was done on the Yorktown shape. The background is cream with platinum trim.

Edwin M. Knowles Hostess Bread and Butter Plate


Edwin M. Knowles' Yorktown is a solid-colored pattern with ridges at the side. It came is a variety of colors.

Edwin M. Knowles Yorktown Dinner Plate

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