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Winfield Pottery/China Company Dragon Flower Bread and Butter Plate

Winfield Pottery/China Company - Dinnerware

Winfield Pottery was founded in 1929 and continued in production until 1962. The company began in Pasadena, California but moved to Santa Monica in 1946. After 1946, Winfield sold some of their rights to the American Ceramics Company so they began to mark their pottery with the name "Gabriel". Gabriel pieces are harder to find and identify but some of their patterns are identical to Winfield's. I carry pieces from eleven known patterns and several unidentified patterns.


Winfield's avocado pattern is done in a two-tone green. It depicts an avocado fruit with its leaves.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Avocado Bread and Butter Plate


Winfield is one of the well-known California potteries. The Bamboo pattern has a white background with a thin green rim and delicate bamboo sprigs on the face. Bamboo was produced in the 1940s.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Bamboo Salad Plate

Bird of Paradise

True to its name, the Winfield Bird of Paradise pattern features a Bird of Paradise flower on it. The background is a creamy-white with a green border.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Bird of Paradise Dinner Plate

Blue Pacific

Winfield's Blue Pacific dinnerware pattern has a sea blue background with white bamboo.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Blue Pacific Dinner Plate

Blue Spruce

Winfield's Blue Spruce pattern features a white background with sprays of blueish-green spruce with black branches.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Blue Spruce Dinner Plate

Desert Dawn

Winfield's Desert Dawn features a kind of mauve/brown background with a stylistic white desert plant and flower.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Desert Dawn Individual Ashtray

Dragon Flower

Winfield's Dragon Flower has a white background with a pink desert plant and flower. The pattern was produced in the 1940s.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Dragon Flower Bread and Butter Plate

Green Passion Flower

We haven't found anyone that really knows the name of this Winfield pattern. It is nearly the same as the pink Passion flower pattern except for the shape of the flower and the colors. Since the flower depicted is, in fact, a passion flower, we choose to call it that.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Green Passion Flower Open Skillet

Passion Flower

Winfield's Passion Flower pattern has pink flowers and brown leaves on the larger pieces. Smaller pieces just have the leaves.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Passion Flower Serving Platter

Pussy Willow

The Pussy Willow design by Winfield features a spray of fluffy white pussy willows with brown stems on a grayish-white background. The trim is also brown.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Pussy Willow Fruit Bowl


The Winfield Thunderbird pattern dates back to the 1940s/early 1950s and is one of the more lesser known, hard-to-find patterns.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Thunderbird Salad Plate

Tiger Iris

The Winfield Tiger Iris pattern features what we would describe as an orange and yellow tiger lily spray across the dish.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Tiger Iris Salad Plate

Unknown Winfield

This Winfield pattern is unknown to me (if you know what its called, I'd love to hear from you. The shapes are squared. The color is blue with brown trim.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Unknown Winfield Serving Bowl

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